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04 August 2017

Writing Grows Us ... a few words from the past ...

Writing drives me. I am Written when I put pen to page, fingers to keyboard. Everything happens on the page: fears, fantasies, truth and fiction. My life happens on that page. I depend on writing as much as on my breath.
(10 Aug 2012)

Stillness reminds me that silence will come.
Silence enfolds me tenderly.
Solitude, that single speck that is a gift in a lifetime of undeniable interwovenness.
Like the spider webs spanning unseen the empty spaces, so too, stillness and silence and solitude repair me to that interconnection with all.
A moment to breathe.
A moment to gather.
A moment to be.
(31 Aug 2012)

These writings are like the waters that flow,
the trees that sprout,
the flower petals that innocently follow their path—the only path they’ve got.
Being open in order to hear the call, then being willing to heed the call—to action, to being. Then practicing patience as I wait for specific direction.
So I make these pages here my Life, offering up every aspect of it to the Divine, a mantra.
I feel in this small moment, a breadth—a connectedness to a larger thing. I can feel right now how I am interwoven with everything else.
I take solace, comfort, joy in this.
I find peace.
I am One with all that is. Not a single one. A “one” that is part of “One”. That’s the difference. That’s how we find our way, our direction, the details. It is not in getting smaller; it is in getting Larger. This is the beauty of it.
(31 July 2012)

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