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12 January 2018

When Dreams Come True

I have had a growing number of big dreams coming true in the past several weeks. 

At first, I hardly recognized them as the long-held, burning desires they were. 

But slowly, as each one builds on the last, I am beginning to feel the grounded bliss - pure satisfaction? calm elation? centered knowing? deepened trust in process? - that characterizes the blossoming flower of the once-seed. 

Why didn't I recognize this right away?

I think, because:

big dreams often need time, vast stretches of the turning of calendar pages

dreams are fed by small steps, efforts that - in a moment - do not necessarily feel like the action that will sufficiently water the dream-seed

dreams are held by a community of supporters - cheerers-on, helpers when we stumble, encouragers to keep moving forward - who show up sometimes one at a time, just when we need it - just when the dream needs it

dreams require faith, and faith is a process of showing up, surrendering, brushing off dirtied knees over and over

dreams rely on grace - which is so unspoken, so inexplicable - and yet palpable ... like wind on cheeks

dreams are something in and of themselves ... they dream us to dream them, they love us as we love them

I am filled with the deepest gratitude for the convergence of love in nature, humans, dreams. 

I am fulfilled these days, moment by moment. 

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