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02 February 2018

Simple Wakings

bald eagle in a low branch above the highway, white feathers glistening in morning light

wind rocking the upper halves of tall Douglas firs, boughs akimbo; bamboo chimes sounding

impossibly huge moon rising up bright yellow against pink, above blue sound

rain soaking my hair as I roundtrip twice up the driveway with our and the neighbors’ recycling and garbage bins

first light: praise for and promise of a new day

satisfaction-turned-delight as I create a little cloth-covered box

a difficult rhythm momentarily mastered with handbells

my sweet old dog’s low groan of pleasure as I massage her chest

nootka rose shoots just barely breaking the soil, beige until photosynthesis can miraculously green them

a fresh baby slug, three quarters of an inch, calling me to bend.stoop.peer closer into the grass to admire his perfect tentacles

great feet-long sheets of moss, thick as a sandwich, brocading the trunk and limbs of a daughter’s birth tree

the slant of light behind clouds, reminder that the sun enables life

cat’s paw on my journal as I write

an invitation to share my work

a handmade box of drawers, each containing tiny sacred talismans

incense: sweet holy spirals

These are just a few of the simple occurrences during the week that have brought me back to pure presence, blessed gratitude, a reawakening to the numerous miracles that we breathe through each day. Simplicity can be powerful. Present awareness can feel like waking up all over again.

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