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02 March 2018

Nurse Logs in Moss Garden

I stood, transfixed. The thick moss mesmerized me.

I was without thought.
Without words.
Without aim.

The carpet of moss had cast a spell on my heart. It had caught me unaware and gently ushered me into deep presence.

I was faintly aware of a cold breeze on the exposed skin of my face and hands. I reflexively tucked my fists into the flannel of my coat pockets.

And I just became still.

Still within.
Still mind.
I was without a task, agenda, deadline.

My eyes caressed the scene, roaming right to left, left to right.
Across lumps and bumps.
Over textures and colors.

Then my brain kicked in. I realized that I was eyeing a nurse log: a downed tree whose decay provides rich nutrients for other life.

Upon which ferns sprout.
Along which moss spreads.

And I began to think, later at home, about what “nursing” means:


A seeking for quietude. An abidance with all life. A restoration to wholeness.

*    *    *

That ol’ nurse log lying there so mossy and sprouty just seemed to find a home within me. It’s still there now offering a haven of life in the center of the garden—though nighttime has passed and I am inside at home the next day—and it’s still there now in the moist garden of my heart growing all sorts of verdant surprises.

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