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13 April 2018

The Twelfth

A 60th birthday: hooray!
Beloved flesh-&-blood-kin leading 
Generation “us” into the next decade
While a tree’s shiny new leaves
Appear like polka dots 
Limb across trunk
A celebratory fanfare of Life

Reflections of beings 
Darkened as they hit pond water
Swirling kaleidoscope of the artist’s medium
Paint for the gods 
Wool fiber for tapestries 
Trees bushes clouds grass live upside down
Symmetry interrupted only by gliding mallards

Uncountable hues: green!
Soothing teals limes forests emeralds ferns sages rejoice
The edges mosses lichens buds into perfect flourish
While a pileated woodpecker
Chisels out wood hunks
Red white and black vibration
A delectable feast for the eyes and ears

Happy Birthday, Melissa L. Tran!

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