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27 July 2018

Images of a Touchstone

What is it that enraptures you in the natural world?

Might it be 
the soft whisper of an unexpected breeze
a particular shade of blue in the sky just before dusk
a flower you cannot name against the textured ground
the fuzzy down of a baby bird in a nest
dew on a flower petal or frost on leaves
a barred owl hooting in the black summer night
a thin slice of pure white moon—round as a communion wafer or shaved into crescence
a wave, the tide waxing and waning, flat long tidepools
tall green grass that ripples with wind or hides the singing crickets
the butterfly of your childhood, reborn today
ridges on the stem of a thing you long for
stillness and silence as the sun brightens the horizon
the taste of a berry, plump and sweet

Whatever it is, however unlikely or common, seek it out and find it
Sit in the shade or luminescence of its presence
Roll around in it, walk in it straight and true, swim its lengths until your breath becomes heavy

But whatever you do, wherever and however, release yourself to the miracle of it
And know that it is this one thing right now that enlivens all things that abide forever.

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