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03 August 2018

A River of Fire

flowing crackles
steam and stream
red blood of Earth gushing
burning its way
as it meanders with ferocity

the science makes sense

and the images are clear:
ash and plume
red stripe of fire
black charred remains
a path indelibly marked

they call it by name, saying:

Si Mbah (“respected one” who cannot be called by name)

but without a visceral presence with it
how can it be known
comprehended by the heart?

how can its tremendous potency
stir and sate the longing for comprehension?

despite climbing a few volcanoes, 
sitting in their shade, 
stumbling through their lava fields, 
swimming in waters warmed by their heat, 
painting them in foreign lands …
… more direct volcano experiences, it seems, than originally remembered – the reverie-to-be of an in-person embrace now dragging the memories from their hiding places - 

despite all that
I find it impossible to really “get” what thirty-billion-gallons-of-molten-lava means when a person is standing there on the land that is the container – treed, flowery, home to humans and nonhumans – for the extraordinary crimson goo that becomes a seemingly-sentient creature on a mission

so it is in some small – and perhaps feeble - effort to rectify the “longing to see” with the “longing to understand” that I embark on a brief and hearty journey to the home of Kilauea 

As I will be outside and offline, I will not publish any blog posts next week. Posts will resume with Monday Musings on 13 August 2018. 

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