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12 October 2018


recently I have discovered the need to empty myself 
absolutely and unreservedly 
of expectation 
however small 
however insignificant

to release it 
actually to relieve myself of any guessing 
any hope 
any fear 
around what it is I might discover in a moment

and in that act of emptying myself – a total and utter cleansing – 
I find myself made anew: free of what could have been, what might be,
as fresh as those dozens of “poor man’s orchids” on the forest floor yesterday: baby, new, just birthed in this autumn season of decay and death
pink and white and supple and nothing like blazing red leaves

when I become a vessel of what is right now, I find a miracle and beauty:
childlike innocence, playfulness, 
judgment-free exploration of the texture of this phrase,
the delicate satin lace of that expression,
and the ability to paint something new along the canvas of the present: a gift

my thought was to go strolling but instead I knelt, 
I sat, 
I stared at the horizon across the water
marveling at the sea of yellow leaves blanketing the ground under the sprawling tree,
reborn with the wind blowing up,
and through, 
and under me: 
lifting my spirits, erasing my tension

I knew right then that who I had been the day before and who I imagine I’ll be in tomorrows to come 
do not matter

I am simply in community and in family as a breathing woman on this earth:
ready to face the next thing … 

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