Welcome! This is a place to share how we celebrate & deepen our relationship to Nature. Here you will find stories, images, & ideas about wilderness, human nature, & soulfulness. Drawing from the experiences of everyday living, the topics on this blog include: forays into the natural world, the writing life, community service, meditation, creativity, grief & loss, inspiration, & whatever else emerges from these. I invite you on this exploration of the wild within & outside of us: the inner/outer landscape.

08 February 2019

Beauty Abounds

the waxing crescent moon, blurred from storm moisture in the air
thick crimson, pumpkin, turquoise oil paint lumped and layered and slathered wisely on a canvas
four acquaintances who compose and send email love letters
tiny reproductions of hand-painted flora and fauna carefully lined up inside a crafts piece
the slight playful nudge, and then hug, from a friend in the frenzied store
the spacious, quiet, holding of space that a friend offers during storytellings of abuse
a search for a single snowflake, a video of Antarctic auroras, the bliss of South Georgia Island
the enthusiasm of attentive students who labor, giving birth to beauty
compassionate caregivers who say “yes” to a joy-bringing offer for the residents
the very ill artist who makes paintings from words
a realization that holey is holy, too
a pileated woodpecker sitting on a mossy, snow-covered branch
the gentlest “thank you” from a hospice patient’s daughter
a potent inner joy about completed book chapters
sweet memories of a loved one’s smile
cerulean blue fireflies of sun glimmering atop icy peaks of snow 
the wan-but-healthy peach and blue skies that bookended the day

it doesn’t take much – a commitment to openness, attentiveness – to appreciate and engage the intricate patterns of grace and beauty in each day

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