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Friday, February 14, 2020

Passion: Red-Hot Fiery, Crystalline Teal, Sweet-Cream Yellow

For me, it could be:

the glittering gem of a sunrise from that snowy pink morning last month

one short meditation started and ended by the gong, breath in gasps then even paces, then slowed and quiet, all thoughts or worries gone and replaced by present calm

the pure-gold full moon larger than the world, rising high enough to beam down rays from the holy, the divine

the threads of a knitted scarf that twirl in mixed color, the most discernible a soft wooly fiber that spirals in red-hot fiery ecstasy down the length of the piece

shades of light and dark that move, curl, pass through one another as the clouds drift overhead

the unexpected kind word from a stranger, 
being mirrored beautifully by beloveds, 
that mutually-held affection between acquaintances that deepens and indelibly bonds them

a coyote pup calling, rabbits foraging, nestlings rustling, the perfect paw print of the large black bear, the barred owl whose voice wakes me, and any moment that puts me in the path of wildlife 

saltwater, rippling, that blends itself into a luscious, crystalline teal

something created – food or art or a novel experience – that rises up and stamps itself into the memory of a relationship

achievements, time markers, transitions, ideas

making music with others, synchronized bells circles – no individuals, all one instrument

moving briskly in the damp cool of early morning, birdsong filling the spaces between tree boughs

ridged, moist bark upon which grow a line of mushroom bodies – orange or brown, or sweet-cream yellow

… these … and so much more … forces for com/passion, enthusiasm, life-spark, gaiety, peace.

What passions do you engage and carry - with great, nonjudgmental, unconditional love - into the world? 

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