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Friday, March 20, 2020

Towhee as Healer

Over the past several weeks, I have made a great effort to walk almost every day in the natural world. For healing. For solace. For inspiration. 

For wisdom about how to reach out to others in new ways that serve this particular and inconceivable time we’re facing. 

I’ve experienced anew:  

unfathomably tall trees
poignantly beautiful birdsong
mosses aglow in filtered morning sunlight
soothing silence
dinner-plate-sized fungi
squirrels racing with mouthfuls for their cache
green boughs singing lullabies high overhead
dew-covered grass
pine-scented air

and so much more. Everyday experiences of long-acquainted beings. 

My commitment to you during this time is to share more of these small moments, scattered throughout the week, so that you – too – can experience the beauty and healing of this amazing Earth. 

Let’s start with the spotted towhee who sat on a nearby branch and called me over to listen. You’ll also hear the heartrending beauty of springtime robins' song as the background chorus. 

(Don't forget to turn up the volume on your device.) 

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