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Friday, March 12, 2021

Rest There a While

I admit: it has been a bit of a slog recently. 

Bureaucratic systems. 


Indiscernible pathways through. 

Inflexibility, impasse. 


But there is also this: 

            The shining sun on pearly raindrops.

            That lilac bush that had tiny brown buds yesterday but which today has fat green 


            A sky painted with deep gray, fervent blue, soft white, ecru, gold, salmon.

            A friend’s smiling eyes. 

            The way that watercolor flows on a page.

            Shared values with strangers.


These are ways to meditate. 

Ways to pause, relax, honor, celebrate. 


And these are ways to live – in gratitude even as life unfolds in a sometimes-unbidden manner. For it’s still the gift of Life!


Parse out the icky tasks, take only as much patience-builder activity as you can. 


Then rejoin the brightly shining living world of amazing beauty that is so much larger than the minutiae. 


Rejoin your passions.

Rejoin your ability to make beauty. 

Rejoin your wise, discerning, invigorated self.

Rejoin your capacity for noticing the wide expanse of Earth that sustains.


And rest there a while. 


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