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Friday, August 20, 2021

Questions for a Passionate Now in Nature

What sets you aflame?


Where do you dance with frivolous abandon?


Which songs become your ode to the mountains or rivers, the trees, or flower, or baby lamb?


In what landscape do you become uninhibited, liberated, and completely you?


Who of the Wild Ones visits you in your dreams?


What Earthy thing stirs your blood today? Yesterday? Or that you hope for tomorrow?


In what waters do you swim, or dip, or splash, or float – and why?


For which rock will you bow your head in supplication? 


To which Earth element do you cling as a beloved? 


For what type of wind – warm and gentle, icy-cold, whispery breeze, or something else - will you say your prayer of gladness?


In which seasons will you let down your hair or gift a strand in homage to our communal presence on this spinning planet? 


Which passion-inducing questions do you need to ask yourself in order to re-ignite the spark of seamless abidance with all who inhabit the out of doors?


Please – do not mistake these inquiries as close-ended ones. No single response can capture the fluid dynamism of the moment of our engagement with something specific in the natural world. 


Just do the thing that lights your wick! 

Burn brilliantly through the darkness … 

Glow fancifully in the light … 

Eat and move and encounter all with litheness … 

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