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Friday, December 3, 2021

Writing Breaths

I breathe out a sigh of relief: 

a gesture of trust that the next inhalation will come,

a release of all that I have held – we have held – this year, 

an offering to the trees around me.


I breathe in deeply, greedily:

grateful that I’ve got this moment, 

eager for the restoration that will come, 

open to the gift of Spirit.


Like you, I have given much to this year:

to staying the course when the path was unsure,

to holding hope every day - except in the moments when grief swelled too hard,

to creating anew, again and again, and again once more.


Now I will take my renewal, my restoration, my refuge:

in the haven of writing pen, paintbrush, collage papers, piano keys,

amid the soft glow of colored lights, candles, and hearth,

into the darkness and warm fire of winter’s inner and outer landscapes.


In order that I may more deeply move:

through the pages of my coming book project,

in the womb of inspiration, 

via the guidance of Beauty, and in the name of Nature …


I will be on a writing sabbatical starting December 4th (through January 9th). During this time, you will only find the Wednesday “Image of the Week” posts featured here. Thrice weekly posts will resume on January 10th. Instead, I will put all my writing efforts during this period into my current manuscript. 


Thank you for your engagement with this blog throughout the week and over the years. If you find you want more Earthy, nature-based creative posts to read during my time away this month, feel free to browse the blog archives. 


Blessings to you and yours during these holy days … each day, every day, a sacred opportunity to live more deeply, love more widely, and say thank you more frequently. 


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