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Friday, November 3, 2023

Creative Collaboration #4

Fellow interfaith practitioner, island neighbor, spiritual poet extraordinaire, and – best of all – friend, Emily decided this past spring to write a few poems that she paired with my visual creative work. We’re thrilled to be collaborating in this way. And we want to share them with you again. 


We are each posting them on our blogs in close proximity to one another. 


This is our fourth pairing:


The Last Show

By EmilyJane Mockett

We never know the last
The last sunset 
The last sunset painting with mama
The last sunset that stops time 
into streaks of borrowed forever, 
In that moment 
as much by the colors of evening sky
Dripping from our hearts 
as our brushes swishing, 
chasing the leaving light 
painting reflections of our mirrored lives
In parallel play now 
Near the end of life 
like we did when you hovered over me
Painting my back with sunscreen
I hover near you now
Painting to remember what I cannot know
How is it that 
as the end nears, 
as the sun dips low, 
as the light spills over to the beyond….
The colors role out their best magic
Like the final audition 
for the leading role in the musical, 
call backs guaranteed 
by the standing ovation performance of golden magenta sky hues, sunset
Yes! Welcome back tomorrow 
for the reprise of show, sunrise
In the endless glow of loving you mama
We never know the last sunset
And so it is we take to THIS show
With our best performance 
Our magic colors of this moment 
Here in our nearness, in our shared awe
The last sunset that stops time 
into streaks of borrowed forever
Painting into knowing our love never ends
Even when the light of one of us slips over to the beyond, our love remains just as bright as tomorrows sunrise
The last show—before 
the first day of walking earth 
without you in the endless glow
In streaks of borrowed forever



Here is my collage, #100 of #the100dayproject. It’s titled, Painting With Mama. It’s inspired by a photo I took at Lake Atitlán in Guatemala in 2004.